The 11th edition of the Warsaw Economic Hub

What kind of a shift in the world’s political balance can we expect in few years’ perspective? What’s the future of the world’s economy? What kind of Europe shall we prepare for? How the new EU budget could influence the development of the union and member countries? Does Poland use adequately it’s international political and economic potential? Is there a chance for Warsaw to join the club of the few most powerful European capitals and to strengthen its’ position of a truly European hub?

We will discuss also main contemporary challenges in the fields of technology, logistics, transportation and communication. Is blockchain to revolutionize financial sector and does Poland have a chance to become leader in the field? What kind of a future has the sharing economy? Does the Polish central port concept fit international needs and ongoing project, including intermodal transportation channels?

The 11th edition of the Warsaw Economic Hub International Annual Meeting is coming just on December 14th. Ten years after the last global financial crises, amide controversial developments around the globe, while facing major challenges in European Union, we are going to look for answers of some questions of a key importance to Poland and CEE region, if only.

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